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Order together Save together

Why have a syndicate?

Syndicates are designed to help buyers of heating oil make savings by buying in bulk. With a Ukay fuels managed syndicate, it is possible for new or existing local community oil-buying groups to make the most of their collective purchasing power. Larger volumes in a smaller geographical area results in reduced delivery costs; Ukay fuels can pass these savings on to the members of the syndicate.

Who is behind it?

Ukay fuels is your local, family-run independent fuel supplier.  By managing your community syndicate we can ensure that you obtain the best possible price and the highest level of service.  A Ukayfuels Managed Syndicate removes the hassle of the ordering process by providing an online ordering system.  


Many syndicates charge their members an annual fee for administering the syndicate; Ukayfuels do not charge to manage and administer any syndicate, whatever the size.  Each syndicate has an Allocated Syndicate Manager to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


How do we get it started & How does it work?

Oil buying syndicates generally have a volunteer to administer and coordinate the group’s order; this involves a lot of time and commitment from the coordinator, and may also require some expenditure by the coordinator in terms of phone calls, printer ink, paper etc.


The Ukay fuels Managed Syndicate does not require a coordinator, the administration and expenditure for advertising the syndicate will be primarily covered by Ukayfuels.

The Ukay fuels Syndicate Management Lead will arrange to visit your village on a specified date to ascertain the number of potential members and the possible volumes required.  The Syndicate Management Lead will arrange for advertisements to be placed on village noticeboards, in local shops and in parish magazines, but the best form of advertising is often the village grapevine!

Once a price has been set, the Allocated Syndicate Manager will email the members to inform them of the price and delivery dates.  Members place their orders online removing the need for time-consuming and costly phone calls.  We understand that not all members are comfortable with using the internet, and in these cases your Allocated Syndicate Manager will provide a form for these members to complete. 


Order together, save together

We also have a dedicated team available to make and answer calls to and from your members.  Unlike most other companies, Ukayfuels appreciate that our customers value their money; even though we ask for your payment details, we don’t take payment until the day before delivery, ensuring that your money stays in your account for as long as possible.

When placing their order, members will need to consider the size of the tanker required to deliver to their property – smaller tankers may be required for hard to access properties.  An order that “just” requires two tankers may increase the cost of the oil and may negate any savings that bulk-buying can achieve.

Once the Syndicate is up and running, your Allocated Syndicate Manager will contact the syndicate members on a regular basis – monthly, every two-three months, or however often it is felt necessary; members can also contact their Allocated Syndicate Manager if they require a top-up, and the Manager will contact other members to gauge additional requirements. 

It must be noted that oil prices vary from day to day, week to week and month to month.  One of the roles of your Allocated Syndicate Manager will be to monitor the prices to ensure that your Syndicate orders their fuel at the best possible price; your Allocated Syndicate Manager will contact the coordinator when the price drops to a low point.


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What if things go wrong?

First of all, we hope nothing goes wrong!  The system is very straightforward so the risk of problems isn’t high.  However, the local coordinators are the key – you need to be accurate and reliable in passing information between your members and Ukayfuels.


We will do all we can to prevent any mishaps, and will take all complaints very seriously.  We have a complaints policy in place, and your Allocated Syndicate Manager will be committed to getting everything right.  If it isn’t, members are welcome to contact the Syndicate Management Lead to let us know so we can put things right and make sure the problem isn’t repeated.


What about the environmental impact?

There are significant environmental benefits with a Ukayfuels Managed Syndicate.  The tankers that deliver heating oil may only travel around 8 miles per gallon when full.  A smaller geographical area with a higher number of deliveries saves a lot of “oil miles”.  Fewer tanker journeys reduces the impact of carbon emissions and minimises the noise, traffic and wear on local roads.  It also encourages rural villages to work together as a community, and offers support and protection for more vulnerable or lower-income residents.


A Managed Syndicate of just five properties has the potential to reduce the number of delivery tanker journeys to an area from five to one.  If each member takes four deliveries of fuel per year, tanker deliveries are reduced from 20 to 4. 

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