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For a cleaner, greener longer lasting burn.

Premium Home Heating Oil

What is ecokero?

ecokero is an advanced home heating oil product which is completely exclusive to Ukay fuels. It has been specifically developed to offer substantial savings over that of standard kerosene.

ecokero helps your boiler to operate as its optimum efficiency, and both reduces your annual maintenance costs and the resulting deposit of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, giving you a cleaner, greener, longer lasting burn.

Why make the switch?

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Cleaner, greener product will reduce emissions which will impact our environment and pollution. 

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ecokero is a cleaner oil which will benefit & impact your tank to give a higher performance which will make your tank last longer. 

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ecokero performs better which provides you with a longer lasting burn.

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As the ecokero reduces the sludge formation ecokero improves your tank nozzles efficiency which impacts the performance. 

ecokero exclusive to                    

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Experts in heating your home

Always on your door step

Your local friendly service

Wherever you are in the UK, there’s a lovely, locally-based
team ready to deliver your heating oil.


You’ll also get a visual tank inspection every time you top up.


Because we’re big enough to deliver, and local enough to care.

Automatic top up

Always stay warm and topped 

up with Ukay fuels our automatic

service that notifys us when you need topping up!

Stay topped up without lifting a finger with our planned

delivery service. We monitor the level of heating oil in your tank, automatically schedule a delivery* when you’re running low, and let you know when we’re coming. It’s that easy.


Talk to your local team to learn more.

* subject to qualifying postcodes for auto top ups

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With our ecokero our
aim is to provide

lower carbon emissions

Let's go green together!

For more information on how we are trying to help the planet and
what our ecokero does to improve carbon emissions contact our
fuel specialists on 01473 825 650 or alternatively email our sales advisors on where they will be able to provide you with information and guidance on our product and more. 

The futures green, order your ecokero today
Go green, keep it clean