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What Is The ecoSmartGuard & What Does It Do?

Ukay fuels ecoSmartGuard is your complete fuel supply and monitoring solution device, giving you full peace of mind that wherever you are, your fuel tank is being guarded and has sufficient supply.

Anti-theft device

Our ecoSmartGuard does more than just monitor your fuel tank, it also acts as an anti theft device. It detects any unusual decrease in oil levels, activating the alarm and emailing or texting you. This means you’ll always have that peace of mind that your fuel is protected by our ecoSmartGuard.

Automatic ordering

In addition, you are also able to set the unit to automatically order your fuel. You can do this by setting the device to alert you once it has reached the programmed limit, and then the unit will alert your supplier to place an order. 

Daily consumption monitoring

Finally, it will monitor your daily consumption, enabling you to control your fuel costs and your stick levels at all times.

All of the above can be easily monitored and accessed using our ecoSmartGuard app or via our website.

How will it benefit you?

We strongly believe our ecoSmartGuard is a great and truly useful product that will help your home or business run smoothly and profitable. Simply link you ecoSmartGuard device to Ukay fuel's and we will take care of everything.

We can save you time, money and will eliminate the risk of running out of fuel.  Avoid having to pay high emergency delivery charges, and keep your costs low and consistent.

ecoSmartGuard can also assist you in purchasing your fuel at a more competitive rate, avoiding any high market surges.

Is it easy to install?

It’s super easy to install. ecoSmartGuard is compatible with standard fittings that are found on most plastic tanks, and for steel tanks the only additional requirement is a 25mm hole. You are able to install this unit yourself, however we would recommend that you use one of our qualified technicians to install, set-up and test the unit, ensuring it’s in smooth working order. 

How do I access my fuel information?

Ukayfuels will supply you with your own login details, allowing you to access your information through our online and mobile app. ecoSmartGuard uses a data card to store all of your tank information online, which means whenever you have internet access, you have access to all of your fuel information. 

ecoSmartGuard options

Two versions of ecoSmartGuard are available for your use:

  • Battery operated - the stand alone sounder that can be fitted anywhere.

  • Permanently powered - the powered version may also be wired into an existing home burgular alarm and has the added benefit of faster theft defection and optional lid tamper, with a disarming feature for deliveries. 

Order your ecoSMartGuard device

To order your ecoSmartGuard device or to find out more information about how it can save you money and stress, you can contact one of our professional and friendly members of staff today for expert advice.

Contact the Domestic team on: 01473 825 161 or E-mail

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