Red Diesel

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What is Red Diesel?

Red diesel is a type of fuel used to power off-road vehicles and machinery. Red diesel is essentially the same as white diesel, the only difference is that it contains a red dye. Customs and Excise regulations state that a red dye must be added to the diesel for identification purposes. This is because red diesel is not permitted to be used as an automotive fuel in on-road vehicles. The duty rate on red diesel is 11.14ppl which makes it cheaper to run than standard diesel which has a duty of 57.95ppl.


Red diesel changes

Are you prepared for the Red Diesel changes in April 2022?

For more information about the upcoming red diesel changes, please download our brochure below.

Red Diesel Entitlement

From April 2022, red diesel will only be accessible to those using it for non commercial heating purposes, the horticultural or agricultural sectors, railway, fish farming and forestry. This is to encourage users to switch to a more sustainable fuel.

Please see our HVO and GTL brochures for more information.


There are three recognised standards of Gas Oil that are currently in use:

BS2869 Class A2, Class D and EN590.


Class A2 has a maximum sulphur content of 10ppm and is used for off road vehicles and equipment, while Class D has a maximum sulphur content of 1000 ppm and can only be used for heating or static generators. EN590 has a higher cetane value than A2 gas oil which means it has a shorter ignition delay and therefore burns more efficiently and cleanly, leaving fewer deposits in the engine’s fuel injection combustion chamber.

Red Diesel Specification 


What other names is red diesel known by?

Gas oil, Red

Tractor Diesel

ULSG and Cherry


If you use Red Diesel for heating purposes

Check out our Ultra 35 which is unaffected by the duty changes coming in 2022

For more information see link below


Greener Red Diesel alternatives

Here at Ukay fuels we have greener red diesel alternatives to help our customers navigate a more sustainable future. 


For more information on our alternative products please see below the GTL & HVO pages.

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